Nolan Creek/South Nolan Creek

Watershed Protection Plan

EPA's 9 Elements

About EPA's 9 Elements

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified nine key elements that are critical for achieving improvements in water quality.  These nine elements are required by the EPA to be addressed in watershed plans funded with the incremental Clean Water Act section 319 funds.  The EPA will review watershed plans that provide the basis for section 319-funded projects.

For more information, please refer to EPA's "Handbook for Developing Watershed Plans to Restore and Protect Our Waters".

A)   Identification of causes that will need to be controlled to achieve the load reductions described in (b)

B)   Estimates of load reductions expected for the management measures described in (c)

C)   Description of management measures that will need to be implemented to achieve load reductions described in (b)

D)   Estimate of technical and financial assistance needed to implement this plan

E)   Information/education component that will be used to enhance public understanding of this plan

F)   Schedule for implementing management measures described in (c)

G)   Description of interim, measurable milestones for determining whether management measures described in (c) are being implemented

H)   Set of criteria that can be used to determine whether load reductions described in (b) are being achieved

 I)    Water quality monitoring component to evaluate effectiveness of implementation measured against the established criteria described in (h)

​Elements A, B, and E have been addressed in the "Assessment of Water Quality and Watershed Based Planning for Nolan Creek/South Nolan Creek."   ​​